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About us

Shandong BSY Group is a stock limited enterprise, which is reformed based on the former Weihai Woodworking Machinery Plant. Its trademark ,“BSY”, is one of the most famous  trademark among the woodworking machinery users and manufactures, both domestically and internationally.


The Group now has a total number of employees of more than 1000, with the total capital assets of more than 300 million RMB. It has 4 subsidiary companies and 3 sino-foreign joint ventures. The main products produced by the Group are : woodworking machinery, plywood machine, LVL apparatus, CNC metal cutting machinery. All the foreign trade business are operated by Weihai BSY Industry Co., Ltd.


The Group always focus on new technology development. It self-owns the Provincial Woodworking Machinery Technology Development Center which is funded by the government. With the support from the Technology Development Center and all the efforts contributed by the engineers, the Group has successfully developed the most advanced plywood production line in China. Such production line has been set up in several countries, including Romania, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Chile, Argentia etc.


“Customer’s need is our responsibility” is the Group’s primary principle. As long as you provide us your specific requirements, we are capable of designing the most appropriate machines and even the entire production line for you!

Orgnization of BSY Group

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