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Dongwei Numerically-controlled Machine Co. Ltd. one branch of Shandong Baishengyuan Group Co., Ltd., is situated in Weihai E. & T. Development Zone that models as national environmental protection and features picturesque landscape, with moderate climate, crisscrossing roads and sophisticated telecommunication system.

With 380 employees, 60 acres of floor area and RMB 20 million registered capital, it has pentahedral machining centers, numerically-controlled vertical machining centers, numerically-controlled devices such as NC milling machine and over 120 sets of large, moderate and small universal equipments, which make it capable of processing high-end, middle-end and low-end  metal-cut products. It is a special manufacturer producing metal-cut products. The enterprise now can produce 4 series (over 20 kinds) of metal-cut products including MK series of NC planogrinder, XK series of NC planomiller, CK series of NC lathe and Z series of automatic and semi-automatic universal radial drilling machine. All these products, esp. NC planogrinder, NC planomiller and radial drilling machine, command a good market all over the world and are quite famous among clients for their high quality and low price.Taking By Innovation We Develop and By Credit We Win as our motto, Maximal Satisfaction of  Users as our lasting pursuit, we would like to present to our clients latest and best products.

President Cong Weizi and Vise-president Xu Weicai send best regards to all our customers, and

welcome customers home and abroad to cooperate with us in business.



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