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l       Purchasing your machine


For prospective customers, you can contact our Sales Department directly. Most of our machinery can be specifically designed according to each customer’s requirements. Customers can either contact our sales stuff online or visit our office in person. Our sales stuff have been in the business for years and all are very experienced. They can discuss the issues regarding to any plywood machinery with the customers and also, they can give some professional suggestions to the customers.


Purchasing procedure:


1.       Decide which product you would like to buy.

2.       Contact our sales stuff via email, MSN, or on telephone, skype etc. Discuss details of products and type of payment with our sales stuff.

3.       Signing contract

4.       Waiting for your products!


Sales Department:





l       Maintaining your machine


Once the machine has been shipped to the customer, installation and maintance of machine become an important issue for both customers and us. We can send our engineers to the customers’ factory for machinery installation, upon the customers’ request. We will guarantee the machinery can work properly after installation. Of course, a reasonable amount of fees will be charged, including airplane tickets, local transportation and living expenses, etc. If customers choose not to pay for this service, they can use our Installation Manual to install the machine by himself. If any problems occurs during the installation, customers can contact our sales department or service department directly, our professional stuff will be happy to help the customers throught telephone or online. Of course, in this way, it is totally free!

The warranty period for our machinery is one year. During this period, if any problems occurs, customers can contact us directly, we will send our engineers to the customers. After inspection of machine, if the problems were caused by the misoperation of customers, then the fees related to airplane tickets, local transportation and living expenses of our engineers will be on the customers account. If the problems were caused by the machinery itself, then all the fees are on us.

We will send an operation manual along with each machine we sell.In order to let the machine work for longer life-time, we request that customers must read the operation manual carefully before using it. If customers still have some questions regarding to the machinery maintance, please feel free to let us know. We will be happy to answer any questions from you !



l       Parts and accessories


We only choose reliable suppliers for electrical components, motors and also the easily damaged parts. We can guarantee the quality of our machine. However, we can replace most of the electrical components and motors with different brands upon the customers’ requests.Customers can decide which part of the machine they would like to replace during the purchase stage. Of course, it will cause a price difference for choosing different brands of accessories.

For some easily damaged parts, customers can buy from us directly. We promise that we will not make any profit out of that. Customers can either buy the accessories at the beginning, when purchasing our machine ,or can buy it anytime during the use of machine. We will start shipping the accessories to the customers immediately once receiving the order from the customers. For any accessories inquires, please contact our service department:


Service Department:

Mr. YanChen Sun
Fax: +86-631-5921006;



l       Customer support


We are confident with the quality of our machine, but we also pay great attention to the after-sale service of our products. We are always ready to help our customers since the very beginning of each deal. Customers can contact us with any inquires after purchasing machinery from us. As long as our machine is in your hands, our responsibility is always with you, no matter how long you have been using it! Customers’ request is always our primary responsibility. We will take care of each case seriously.

For customer support, you can contact our Sales Department :


Sales Department:







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