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BD1513/26 Optical Light Projection Log Charger
BD1513/26 Optical Light Projection Log Charger
A veneer lathe charger system utilizing automated equipment for scanning and positioning a log to obtain optimum production of veneer therefrom. For this apparatus, it uses optical light projection to scaning the center of the log, then uses mechanical arm to hand the log to veneer peeling lathe.
BD1308/26B Mechanical Geomatric Log Charger
BD1308/26B Mechanical Geomatric Log Charger
This apparatus install ahead of the veneer peeling lathe, it can accurately detects the center position of log and quickly charges the log to the veneer lathe. and can save many labours through using this machine.
BDF1308/27 & BQK 1626/8 Mechanical Log Charger (Turkey Model)
BDF1308/27 & BQK 1626/8 Mechanical Log Charger (Turkey Model)
This model was designed for our Turkish Customer, it combinates Log charger and hydraulic daul-spindle peeling lathe. The whole machine uses Japanese Numerical Control system, so it has high efficiency.
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