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Current location:Plywood Machinery > Veneer peeling& drying section
Plywood machinery of BSY Group
Veneer peeling& drying section

Guide of BSY Plywood Machine- Peeling and Drying section:

    Hydraulic Veneer Lathe-BSY Playwood Machine
    Mechanical Veneer Lathe-BSY Plywood Machine
    Spindleless Veneer Lathe-BSY Plywood Machine
    Veneer Dryer-BSY Plywood Machine
    Rotary Veneer Clipper-BSY Plywood Machine
    Pneumatic Veneer Clipper-BSY Plywood Machine
    Veneer Slicer -BSY Plywood Machine

We can design the complete peeling line as our customer`s material, plant area, output etc. The peeling line can be two models.

  1. Peel the log into veneer, then shear the veneer, at the final dry them.
  2. Peel the log into veneer, then dry the veneer, at the last shear them.

The veneer lathe can be three or more models, such as hydrulic veneer lathe, mechanical veneer lathe and spindle less veneer lathe, the customers can also choose the Numrical control system. All the model uses the lasted European and Japanese technology, and has high efficiency.

We also can supply various kinds of veneer clipper and veneer dryer. Such as you can choose rotary clipper or pneumatic clipper to shear the veneer.

In China, the customers call us " The Chinese Raute".

Veneer peeling line of BSY plywood machinery
Peeling section of BSY plywood machinery
Veneer Dryer of BSY plywood machine

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