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Universal woodworking machine

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    Engraving Machine bsy group woodworking
    Sanding Machine
    Pressing Machine
    Knife Grinding Machine

"Make the best production to satisfy the customers." is our belief. We do the various kinds of universal woodworking machine and auxiliary machine, which can be used to process solid wood and man-made board. For example: Engraving machine: through using this machine we can make very great patterns on the board; Laminating hot press: we can coat a natural woodskin upon the board, etc.

All the machines we can supply use the newest technology, so carpenter can have high efficency and quality. We are the leading manufacturer in woodworking machinery field in China. Choose us choose the key to succeed.

Engraving Machine

CNC Engraving Machine

Engrave various kinds of patterns on the board.

Hot Press

BSY Woodworking

The productions have been widely sold to many countries.

Cold Press

Laminating Hot Press

Face the board with natural woodskin and other material.

Sanding Machine

Sanding Machine

Using this machine can make the surface of the board smooth.

Knife Grinding Machine


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